What we do

Lunar Environmental provide high quality ecological surveys to support planning, development and land management. We offer a range of protected species surveys including bat, freshwater pearl mussel, badger and otter surveys, invasive species surveys, as well as environmental assessments.

​Our clients include homeowners, architects, land managers, agencies and developers.

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    We offer a range of bat surveys all undertaken to meet Bat Conservation Trust latest guidelines.

  • Protected Species Survey Freshwater Pearl Mussel Survey Invasive Species Survey Lunar Environmental

    Protected Species Surveys

    We offer a range of protected and invasive species surveys such as bat, badger, otter, freshwater pearl mussel and Japanese knotweed.

  • Environmental Assessments Lunar Environmental

    Environmental Assessments

    We offer a range of environmental assessments all undertaken to meet latest guidelines.

  • Lunar Bat


    Our range of bat boxes specifically designed and built for bats, by ecologists. 

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