Bat Surveys

Lunar Environmental carry out bat surveys of all built structures as well as in trees and woodlands. Our surveys are undertaken to meet the Bat Conservation Trusts 'Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists - Good Practice Guidelines', by suitably qualified and licensed surveyors. We utilise the latest sound analysis technology during the surveys, which provides vital evidence for any license applications needed.  We cover Aberdeenshire, Moray, Angus and Highlands. 


Our services include:

  • Preliminary roost assessments

  • Bat activity surveys

  • Tree and woodland surveys

  • Survey reports for planning applications

  • DNA analysis of droppings

  • Species Protection Plan preparation

  • European Protected Species Licence application and submission.


Due to a dramatic decline in their numbers, all bats are protected by law. Because of this, you may be asked for a bat survey as part of the planning and development process. This will usually consist of an ‘activity survey’, undertaken when bats are most active from May to September. A preliminary roost assessment can be carried out throughout the year to assess a buildings’ suitability for bats.

During bat surveys, we aim to determine the suitability of a structure for bats, if it is used by bats, numbers present and which species. This information allows us to work with you to plan your work so that it avoids any disturbance to them. If there are bats, and disturbance is unavoidable, a European Protected Species Licence will be required. We can apply for this on your behalf.