Bat Boxes

The Lunar Mega and Lunar Micro bat boxes are specifically designed for use in trees, though this does not preclude their use on buildings.  Their concave back has been carefully sculpted to nestle against the curvature of the tree or to rest on the outer ridges of the box to ensure a stable roost on even the most exposed sites. 


The body of Lunar bat boxes are cast as a single component using our own unique thermal concrete blend.  Whereby we have replaced traditional materials with wood fibre and vermiculite.  Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral renowned for its insulation properties. This results in a breathable and robust bat box with improved thermal values which can help prevent overheating in summer yet encourages heat retention when occupied in the colder shoulder months.

Lunar Bat Boxes Lunar Micro Box Abereenshire Lunar Environmental

We have specifically designed a one-piece box to help minimise unwanted interference and predation.  The one-piece design also eliminates draughts and rain impregnation. The entrance is however sufficient to allow the use of an endoscope to monitor use.


Our boxes are designed to be self-cleaning.  As the boxes are watertight droppings remain dry, this along with the steeply angled floor ensures droppings leave the box via gravity or by disturbance of passing bats.  This removes the need to clean out damp faecal residue associated with other boxes, ensuring a better environment for the bats and for you! 


The roost entrance is in the base of the box, offering a more natural entry that allows bats to land on the tree trunk prior to entering.  The entrance location allows full use of the cavity space and deters use by birds.  


Whilst the exterior of the box offers a sleek modern design, the interior has solely been designed with bats in mind.  The patterned honeycomb-esk finish provides a textured surface for maximum grip. The exterior is finished with a breathable paint and a galvanised wire rope hanger. Each box is supplied with a tree-safe aluminium fixing nail. 

Lunar Bat Boxes Lunar Micro Mega Box Aberdeenshire Lunar Environmental

Lunar Mega and Micro box dimensions; cross section, chamber dimensions and floor plan with entrance location.