Protected Species Surveys

Protected species surveys are used to determine the presence of certain species protected under UK and European legislation that may be impacted by development.



Our services include:

  • Protected species surveys:

    • badger

    • barn owl

    • bat surveys

    • fresh water pearl mussel

    • otter

    • pine marten

    • red squirrel

    • reptiles

    • water vole

  • Invasive species surveys

  • Walkover surveys

Protected Species Survey Freshwater pearl mussel Lunar Environmental

All of our surveys are undertaken using the most up to date guidance from the relevant authority to ensure surveys meet the requirements of the regulatory authority.

Where protected species are identified, a licence may be required from NatureScot to allow certain activities to be carried out.  We can undertake license applications on your behalf. Lunar Environmental have significant experience in writing licence applications and knowledge of the mitigation options available so as to avoid delays and ensure that any Conditions set out in a licence can be achieved.