Bespoke Bat Boxes

Bespoke Bat Boxes

We can build a bat box to your own specification to suit your target species and local environment.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and to recieve a quotation. 

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    We are aware that there are some great projects throughout the country being undertaken by some very knowledgeable and experienced bat professionals and enthusiasts who are looking to provide roost opportunity for specific species and specific environments.  But are struggling to find a bat box that meets their target species needs.  This were we may be able to help.

    Our unique moulding system allows us to change a number of box parameters to help meet the need of your local bat population or to provide roosting opportunities for your target species.  This is similar to how the Lunar Micro came about.

    We can adjust both internal and external diameters to provide the ideal internal roost space for your target species whilst optimising the box wall thickness to provide more or less insulation and protection form the elements. 

    We can also adjust the cavity length and entrance width. 

    Our aim is to support bat mitigation and enhancement projects by helping provide suitable bat boxes that match the requirements of those with the knowledge and expertise of what individual species require. 

    Bespoke bat boxes don’t need to cost the earth!  Our ambition is to keep costs as low as we can so we can.  If you have a project in mind that would benefit from a bespoke box, please just get in touch.

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